What is aircraft parking durations?

At most airports, aircrafts are parked at the same parking bay on arrival without moving to other parking. But for VVNB, aircrafts required to tow to other parking are. At VVTS, aircraft with MTOW above 50 tons required to move to another parking area if staying more than 4 days.


How about Catering service?

Catering service is available at main airport such as VVTS/ VVNB or VVDN with prior request. Catering at these airports is at medium quality. It is suggested to arrange catering at 5 star hotel’s restaurant.


Is ramp access difficult to arrange?

Security clearance to access the ramp takes one working day to approve. Copy of crew’s passport required for the paperwork.


What type of security is in place?

All airports in Vietnam are security monitored arranged by airport authority. Unarmed private security is not permitted. If you require an armed security service at the ramp, this is can be done at main airports in Vietnam such as VVTS/ VVNB and VVDN and this will take additional charges.


Will crew will be required visa if they are making a tech stop?

No, in case aircraft stop for tech stop and crew remains at the aircraft, no visa required. A tech stop with no crew or passengers arriving or departing not required customs and immigration


Is it possible to get visa on arrival?

Yes, as long as crew/ passenger passport details provided to your local handling agent 2 working days in advance, then they will arrange paperwork and crew/ passenger will be able to get visa on arrival. Each person should have one 4x6cm photo upon arrival for the application


Is vaccination required before enter at Vietnam airports?

No, vaccination is currently not required prior to arrival